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Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is a safe and conservative way to create a beautiful smile, covering both aesthetic restorations and prosthesis veneers or all-ceramic crowns. Aesthetic sealing teeth reproducible layers, similar to the natural dental anatomy. This creates the appearance of a natural tooth: color, transparency, shape, individual features of the tooth.
Aesthetic dental fillings - tooth tissue is friendly dental restoration procedure in which a reversed fractured, worn, damaged or color changing teeth. Aesthetic filling allows to adjust the shape of teeth, eliminating gaps between teeth or straighten them aesthetically. RESTORATION currently used in high-performance composite providing superior esthetics, strength and reliable adhesion to tooth tissues.
Dental veneers is extremely thin porcelain plates covering the front surface of teeth.
The patient's request, tooth whitening can be carried out before the aesthetic restoration or prosthesis. Before filling the aesthetic need for professional oral hygiene, which removes soft and hard dental plaque (scale).


Seq. No. Service Price (€)
1 Individual dental hygiene instruction FREE
2 Diagnostic model (one jaw) 12 Eur
3 Diagnostic wax-up on gypsum model (1 peace) 24 Eur
4 Cofferdam system application 12 Eur
5 Estetinis danties plombavimas 128-196 Eur
6 Estetinio plombavimo korekcija 28-68 Eur
7 Estetic tooth filling poliration 12 Eur
8 Aestetic fillings.

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