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Aesthetic micro-prothesis

Aesthetic micro-prothesis

In today’s world, an attractive smile is of immense importance. A smiling person feels free, bold in communication, gives the impression of reliability and even influences their quality of life.

In keeping with the principles of minimizing the damage to the patient's dental tissues, we apply the most innovative treatment solutions to restore aesthetics and function. One of these is non-invasive or micro prosthetics.

Without grinding the teeth or minimally touching the enamel, we can change the shape, height or color of teeth with glass, E-max laminates, covered, non-metallic ceramic crowns. Laminates are thin ceramic plates that cover the outer surface of your teeth to create an aesthetically pleasing smile.

All of this is produced in a jointly owned dental laboratory. It is the lab-made veneers and other dentures that match the highest quality and the best natural looking teeth.

It's important to know!

Where micro-prosthesis begins

    During the consultation we evaluate dental condition, anatomy, bite function and introduce the patient to the procedure and other nuances. Also, during the first visit, we remove dental prints and take dental photographs, which are necessary for the production of the dental project.

    In order to achieve the highest quality and to save the patient's time in all cases, the combined laboratory prepares a dental project. With it, both the dentist and the patient see what the shape of the teeth will look like after aesthetic micro-prosthesis. In this way, the patient contributes to the creation of his or her smile, seeing the potential outcome and adjusting the project to his or her expectations and desires.

    Once the patient is satisfied with the design of the prospective teeth, only then will the specialist begin dental preparation and a non-invasive denture procedure.


Seq. No. Service Price (€)
1 Individual dental hygiene instruction FREE
2 Non-metal ceramic crown 413 - 448 Eur
3 Ceramic veneer/onlay 412 - 448 Eur
4 Ceramic veneer / onlay 545 Eur

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