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Dental sealant

Sandra Čepulkauskienė
Dental hygienist, Clinic director

Dental sealant

Although we live in a highly advanced world, reducing the incidence of tooth decay in children is difficult. The most important thing adults can do for a child's healthy teeth is thorough daily brushing.

One of the additional measures to prevent dental caries in children is sealants.

What are sealants?

Sealant is like a liquid filling material, which is used to fill the teeth of permanent molars. This material seals the deeper ridges, making it easier for the brush to clean the teeth and reducing the possibility of pathogenic bacteria accumulating there. As a result, cavities are less likely to develop.

When is the best time for sealants?

Sealants are best applied to freshly eroded permanent molars. The optimum age of children for silencing is 6-14 years.



Keep in mind that sealants also need regular inspection and monitoring: over time, they can crumble, crack, or fall out. When this happens, the teeth are re-covered with sealants.

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