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Dental treatment for children

Dental treatment for children

Our clinic specialists focus on the prevention of healthy teeth in children and stress-free and dental treatment. To reduce the incidence of dental cavities in children, we first encourage and educate parents on targeted dental care at home and remind them of the importance of regular visits to the dentist.

Children's tooth enamel is not as strong as adults, so if you notice any small stain or other lesions, we suggest you consult a dentist immediately. The onset of decay in milk teeth develops very rapidly and can cause inflammation of the tooth pulp if left untreated. The child then feels pain and therefore has difficulty in getting specialist tooth treatment.

For the child to feel confident and relaxed in the dentist's office, parents also have a part of the responsibility. Here are some tips for a successful visit to your doctor. Dentist:

    Appropriate time for a visit based on your child's daytime regime.

    Talking with a child (over 1 year old). For example, say "Tomorrow we'll go to a dental professional to count them."

    Let the child bring his toothbrush. This will make him feel bolder with something of his own and will also make it easier for the dentist to find a common language.

    The first visit should be a preventive checkup and not a toothache.

    Positive attitude of parents. After all, the child also feels the parents' tension or negative attitude.

    Do not tell your child about your negative dental experiences. Adverse negative opinions about dental treatment in a child can cause feelings of fear and mistrust in the specialist.


Seq. No. Service Price (€)
1 Individual dental hygiene instruction FREE
2 Check-up (for all teeth) 12 Eur
3 Dental tooth filling 30 - 38 Eur
4 Treatment of dental pulpitis / periodontitis (drug application, 1 visit) 36 Eur
5 Sealing 18 Eur
6 F varnish 4 Eur
7 Dental tooth removal 23 Eur
8 Glass jonomer filling 24 Eur
9 Psychological preparation of a child for dental treatment (30min) 30 Eur

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