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Endodontic treatment

Endodontic treatment

Both milk and permanent teeth anatomically have a pulp chamber that has a nerve and blood vessels. If you do not treat the tooth decay in the earlier stages or simply do not notice it, or you do not visit the dentist regularly due to fear, then the infection may reach the pulp (nerve), causing inflammation - pulp. Then we feel acute pain.

Other causes of pulpitis can be tooth injuries, decays, poor quality or old dental restorations.

If we continue to allow the infection to spread, then abscesses form at the root of the bone. When biting, a person feels like a raised tooth tenderness. And if pus gets out of the gum pocket or open fistula, the pain subsides, but the pathogenic bacteria affects the bone and melts it.

In all these cases, endodontic duct therapy is required. It removes the damaged nerve, cleans pathogenic bacteria and fills the canals with special sealant material.

The tooth treated thus fully fulfills the chewing and aesthetic functions.


Seq. No. Service Price (€)
1 Individual dental hygiene instruction FREE
2 Mechanical, chemical preparation of tooth canal (1 canal) 48 Eur
3 Sealing the channel (1 channel) 52 Eur
4 Calcium hydroxide replacement (1-3 channels) 20 / 28 / 32 Eur
5 Canal Healing (1 Canal) 96 Eur

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