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Fluorination of teeth

Fluorination of teeth

To keep our teeth healthy, we take care of them daily and apply various cavity prevention measures. The most important element that reduces the possibility of caries development is fluorine. If we need calcium in our tooth formation, we use fluoride-rich remedies to strengthen our already sprouting teeth. The simplest and most commonly used are toothpastes and fluoride compounds.

When is additional dental fluorination needed?

If the enamel surface shows signs of demineralization, a lot of cavities damaged teeth, and the surface of the roots is bald, then we recommend applying fluorine gel or foam. These products have a pleasant fruity taste that makes them perfect for children. And the procedure is quite simple: add a gel or foam to an individual spoon, then put it in your mouth and hold it for a few minutes. Depending on the condition of your teeth, it is recommended to perform this procedure 2 - 4 times a year.

Fluoride varnish is used to treat single sensitive teeth or to promote enamel remineralization.

Procedure: Apply a small amount of fluorine varnish to pre-cleaned toothpicks or enamel and air-dry after one minute.

Important! After any dental fluoridation procedure, we recommend that you do not drink and rinse your mouth for half an hour, do not eat for 1 hour and avoid calcium-rich foods (all dairy products) on the day of the procedure as calcium interferes with fluoride uptake.


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