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Lost one, several or all of your teeth a person faced with two major problems - it's a bad aesthetic appearance and sophisticated food biting. These problems are fully solves the dental implants.A dental implant is a titanium or zirconium rotor which, tooth loss, fully may be replaced by the root. Dental implants are screwed into the upper or lower jaw bone and serve as an anchor for dental reconstruction.

Dental implants after establishment performed prosthesis - Laboratory produced tooth crown, the bridge or the prosthesis is fixed. Dental implantation is a staged procedure that requires several visits to dental clinic. And the final result, depending on the situation, to be achieved within a few months.

The implantation procedure is performed only after the dentist-surgeon consultations with the jaws of a panorama or 3D CT image. They help assess the jaw bone quality and quantity, determined the possibility of implantation. The doctor listens to the patient's expectations and make a treatment plan.

Patients choose offer the only certified and quality of dental implants, such as the STRAUMANN (Switzerland), NEODENT or MEGAGEN.

About single-moment implantation


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Seq. No. Service Price (€) Discounts!
1 Individual dental hygiene instruction FREE
2 Implantation with Neodent implant 595 Eur Nuo 3 implantų 454 Eur/vnt.
3 Implantation with Megagen implant *** 653 Eur
4 Implantation with Straumann Roxolid SLA implant (Switzerland) 761 Eur Nuo 3 implantų 604 Eur/vnt.
5 Implantation with Straumann Roxolid SLA Active implant (Switzerland) 881 Eur
6 Immediate implantation 684 - 996 Eur
7 Lateral bone augmentation Nuo 125 eur
8 Fixing the healing head on the implant (not during implantation) 65 Eur
9 Fixing the healing head on the implant (during implantation) 0 Eur
10 Special offer for seniors!

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