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Most of us are well aware that how a smile looks depends on how it was cared for during childhood. However, we are often delayed and the child's smile does not develop as we would like. A separate area of ​​dentistry - orthodontics - helps to remedy this situation. Specific procedures at the Dental Aesthetics Clinic are performed for both children and adults. Experienced specialist Justė Armalaitė takes care of correctness and beauty of smiles.

The secret of a beautiful smile is regularity and wholesomeness.

In order to be able to smile boldly, without complexes, a proper bite is essential. For this reason, we recommend that you monitor the growth, development and have timely consultations about your children's teeth. The best results can be achieved if special measures and procedures are applied to adjust children’s teeth from the age of 7, when considering age bite and dental arch.

Adults may require specialist consultation for:

  • Timely correction of dental arch.
  • Preparation for prosthetics or dental implantation.

Regular visits to an experienced specialist are essential to not only delight you with a beautiful smile but also maintain good dental health. Justė Armalaitė, an orthodontic specialist working in “Dental Aesthetics”, takes care that:

  • Dental care is efficient and simple.
  • There is a reduction of the likelihood of gum inflammation and decay.
  • The teeth and the bone on which their roots rest are kept to a minimum.
  • There are Improvements biting/chewing.
  • People feel an improvement in quality of life, comfort, self-esteem.
  • Language skills are enhanced (poor bite, crooked teeth can make it difficult to speak clearly).

Timely treatment is what helps prevent the condition from worsening and serious complications.

How is the treatment done and what to expect?

It should not be assumed that orthodontic experts should be referred to only with an irregularity or a bite, either naturally or genetically, which is uneven. You may also need help due to poor eating habits and injuries.

Having evaluated the general health and dental condition, history of treatment or any other factors, the specialist of “Dental aesthetics”, doctor. Justė Armalaitė may order the following measures:

    Removable plates. This is one of the simplest tools. The plate should be worn continuously except during sleep, brushing, eating.

    Braces. It is a more sophisticated tool that is used without interruption. Braces differ in design and can be almost invisible.

    Functional apparatus. These are special, transparent plates mounted on the teeth themselves. They are also removed only when necessary: ​​when eating or brushing your teeth.

You may also need to remove teeth that are too close to each other and are difficult to straighten for a great result. In addition, surgery is sometimes required. The total duration of treatment can be over 2.5 years, depending on the condition and your own motivation to improve the situation.

Why choose treatment at Dental Aesthetics Clinic?

    The team is made up of highly caring professionals with a strong understanding of the needs of children and adults.

    Both the clinic and the laboratory are housed under one roof - providing fast and high-quality production of various prostheses and tools.

    If needed, you can stay in cozy apartments right here.

    Our driver is always ready to take you from anywhere in Kaunas. You can also use the driver from/to the apartment.

    The team of the clinic is formed by evaluators of their work.

    Prior to treatment, there is always a detailed plan agreed upon for your convenience.

The Dental Aesthetics team ensures that you experience the least amount of discomfort during both the consultation and treatment alike. By consistently cooperating and following a specialist's guidance, with regular visits will result in sustainable long-term results.

A beautiful, smooth, healthy smile is something you can be proud of, regardless of age or other factors. Take care of your children’s and your own teeth: Contact Dental Aesthetics experts to agree on the best plan for a perfect smile.


Seq. No. Service Price (€)
1 Individual dental hygiene instruction FREE
2 Consultation 29 Eur
3 Photos + silicone dental prints + models 96 Eur
4 1 arch - 3D plan "Aircheck" 490 - 757 Eur
5 INVISALIGN trays for one jaw 1570 - 1680 Eur
6 2 arches 3D treatment planing "Aircheck" 840 - 1266 Eur
7 INVISALIGN trays for two jaws 2199 - 4632 Eur
8 1 arch AIRVIVOL 3D treatment planing 490 - 648 Eur
9 AIRNIVOL trays for one jaw 1214 - 1346 Eur
10 2 arches 3D treatment planing 780 - 900 Eur
11 AIRNIVOL trays for two jaws 1779 - 2366 Eur
12 Regular check-up (whole treatment) 298 Eur
13 Button removal from 10 Eur
14 Fixed reteiner 93 Eur
Seq. No. Service Price (€)
1 Individual dental hygiene instruction FREE
2 Initial consultation 28 Eur
3 Doc. drawing up an orthodontic treatment plan 30 Eur
4 Bonding of a new metal bracket 40 Eur
5 Adhesive button 28 Eur
6 Bonding of new ceramic bracket 77 Eur
7 Adhesion of a new beligature brace 77 Eur
8 Adhesive tube 52 Eur
9 Orthodontic ring 43 Eur
10 Replacement of the Superelastic, Braided and TMA Bracket System 66 Eur
11 Replacement of SS bracket system bow 55 Eur
12 1 Dental Jaw Metal Braces 668 Eur
13 Bonding of beligature braces with 1 dental jaw 820 Eur
14 1 Dental Jaw Ceramic Bracket Bonding (keramika 5-5) 850 Eur
15 1 Dental Jaw Ceramic Bracket Bonding (keramika 3-3) 749 Eur
16 1 Dental Jaw Ceramic Beligature Braces (keramika 5-5) 990 Eur
17 Bracelet system bow activation 43 Eur
18 Cementing, repainting of the same bracket 37 Eur
19 Bracelet removal (with retention apparatus) 560 Eur
20 1 arch rhodium plated braces 907 Eur
21 Springs 8 Eur
22 Forsus machine (2 sides) 316 Eur
23 Fast expansion screw (RME) with cementation 308 Eur
24 Lip buffer (without rings) 140 Eur
25 Palate, tongue bow, QH machine (no rings) 84 Eur
26 Fixed Retainer 94 Eur
27 Kapa 130 Eur
28 Orthodontic face mask 192 Eur
29 Retention plate 149 Eur
30 Orthodontic plate 202 Eur
31 Functional device (monoblock, with imprint) 161 Eur
32 Functional device (twin-block, with imprint) 314 Eur
33 External stretching machine (with rings) 196 Eur
34 HG, plate activation 34 Eur
35 Re-visit after removal of braces 19 Eur
36 Orthodontic Micro Screw 161 Eur
37 Elastics 9
38 HERBST set 600 - 655 Eur

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