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Prosthetic dentistry

Dental prosthetics is the tooth tissues and restoration of occlusal dental crowns, bridges, implants or other prostheses constructions.
Our clinic doctors can offer a wide range of prosthetic services. To help our patients not only to carry out micro-prosthetic services, which can restore the perfect dental aesthetics, but also solve extremely complex problems that currently restoring chewing and speech functions.
Dental prosthodontics widespread introduction of all-ceramic (porcelain), this day of metal dental gradually pushed. For people who care about their appearance, metal ceramics front teeth in the area it is not recommended due to the lack of aesthetics, gum problems.
Zirconia prostheses are characterized by exceptional strength and excellent aesthetics and durability. Therefore, it may be used for all the tooth groups and individual crowns or bridges.
With our own laboratory, dental technicians are able to guarantee the highest quality of dental prosthetics and aesthetics.
,,Dantų estetika" clinic can offer such prosthetic services:
▪    all-ceramic, Emax veneers and onlays;
▪    Zirconium ceramic crowns;
▪    Zirconium ceramic crowns on implants;
▪    Metal-ceramic crowns;
▪    All-on-4 technique;
▪    Removable dentures.

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Seq. No. Service Price (€)
1 Individual dental hygiene instruction FREE
2 Tooth waxing - project (1 tooth) 29 Eur
3 Diagnostic mock-up project (silicone, clear) 26 - 75 Eur
4 Diagnostic mock-up project (two-component) 24 Eur
5 Diagnostic mock-up project test 28 - 52 Eur
6 Temporary tooth crown (produced in our clinic) 43 Eur
7 Temporary milled tooth crown 80 Eur
8 Temporary milled tooth crown on the tooth implant 86 Eur
9 Laikinas vainikėlis ant BioHPP medžiagos 127 Eur
10 Zirconia crown 416 - 449 Eur
11 Zirconia ceramic crown on implant 449 - 485 Eur
12 Zirconia individual abutment 262 Eur
13 Zirconia Emax Fusio crown 485 - 532 Eur
14 Zirconia full anatomy crown 365 - 401 Eur
15 Silk fiber stick 125 - 149 Eur
16 Metal ceramic crown *** 329 - 364 Eur
17 *** We do not recommend because of allergy reactios. More details during consultation.

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