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Surgical treatment

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Surgical treatment

Surgical services are performed when we want to preserve existing teeth and soft tissues and stabilize the spread of periodontal disease.

In the past, it was believed that as a person ages, it is normal for teeth to begin to wobble, lengthen, and lose their teeth. But at the time, there were just a few who tried to wonder why this was the case and how to avoid it. However modern medical capabilities, and most importantly, knowledge, has allowed us to prevent or stop and control the development of periodontitis. Periodontitis is an inflammation of the soft tissues (gums, periodontal ligaments) and hard (bone) surrounding the tooth, an infection whereby bacteria and plaque buildup on the pathological bacteria, forming deep pockets of the gums that can rot, gums become inflamed, bleeding or even painful. The most common cause of periodontitis is dental plaque and the bacteria it contains. In later stages of periodontitis, you may need to perform gum pocket reduction procedures known as patch surgery or gum curettage to stop the disease from spreading.

During patch surgery, the gingival layer is removed, inflammatory tissues, subclavian stones are cleaned, the root surface is smoothed and antibacterial agents are used. After such a procedure, when the gums heal, the depth of the pockets, the symptoms of inflammation and the amount of pathogenic bacteria are reduced.

In the initial stages of periodontitis, only gum curettage may be sufficient. This procedure removes pellets from pockets, smooths root surfaces and destroys bacterial biofilm.

Proper and extremely careful grooming at home and a regular oral hygiene routine are essential for successful treatment. Only by working as a team with the patient can the long-term success of the treatment be achieved.


Seq. No. Service Price (€)
1 Individual dental hygiene instruction FREE
2 Tooth extraction 43 - 129 Eur
3 Wisdom teeth extraction 69 - 169 Eur
4 Bone augmentation 360 - 840 Eur
5 Deciduous tooth extraction 25 Eur
6 Flap surgery (1 tooth) 58-71 Eur
7 Šypsenos linijos korekcija 76 Eur
8 Gingivectomy (1 tooth) 55 Eur
9 Root scaling (one tooth) 35 Eur
10 Crown lengthening surgery (one tooth) 90 Eur
11 Lips plaster plastic 68 Eur
12 Labial frenuloplasty and vestibuloplasty 154 Eur
13 Sinus augmentation (lateral approach) 844 - 1337 Eur
14 Sinus lifting closed method 245 - 615 Eur
15 Tooth socket preservation with bone substitute 245 - 376 Eur
16 Periimplanto konservatyvus gydymas 70 Eur
17 Periimplanto chirurginis gydymas 130 Eur
18 Danties šaknies rezekcija (be retrogradinio plombavimo) 190 Eur
19 Gum recesion surgery with tranplantant from palate 320 Eur

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