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Teeth whitening

Sandra Čepulkauskienė
Dental hygienist, Clinic director

Teeth whitening - a cosmetic dental procedure is recommended in order to lighten the color of the existing teeth. Before the teeth whitening is the dentist's advice, which measures the state of the teeth, the patient is familiarized with the course of the procedure and informed about possible side effects.
Of course, it is necessary to know that this procedure should be carried out in accordance with the rules and following consultation with a specialist.
Teeth whitening techniques:
dental whitening dental surgery - a procedure can take 1-1.5 hours. They are now completely isolated gums used 6 percent hydrogen peroxide whitening agent. After this procedure, the whitening effect is seen immediately. But color locking the required maintenance whitening at home.
Teeth whitening at home - it is usually chosen as individual whitening mouth trays(threescores), whitening strips or pencils. In this way, whitening can take up to 10 days and the effect is achieved gradually. Due to the potential sensitivity to recommend preventive and restorative use insensitiviating enamel gels or creams.
Individual teeth whitening - this way whitened isolated, dead teeth which, due to the removal of the pulp eventually darkens.When dental canal is filled in with high quality,to the tooth cavity we instal whitening substance. This substance can be subject to change up to five times as long as the teeth whitens up. Unfortunately, after a longer time dead teeth may darken again.

Teeth whitening procedure can help you restore a natural tooth shade or even whiten it beyond natural shade by breaking up stains and discoloration. This procedure will give back your smile. Book an appointment by calling us +370 657 48866.


Seq. No. Service Price (€)
1 Individual dental hygiene instruction FREE
2 Teeth whitening consultation 10 Eur
3 Teeth whitening splints for dental care at home (splints + whitening gel) 150 Eur
4 Teeth whitening tray ( for 1 arch) 64 Eur
5 Professional teeth whitening in our clinic 172 Eur
6 Teeth whitening complex procedure 365 Eur
7 Endo whitening for unvital tooth 65 Eur
8 Professional whitening of the dead tooth (every next session) 22 Eur

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