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Therapeutic dentistry is prophylactic and therapeutic measures to prevent the spread of tooth decay, tooth decay to restore damaged teeth hard tissue defects. This is called a sealing. Tooth decay - This is probably the most common dental disease. During the dental plaque acids, disassembling tooth enamel, causing a demineralization. Resulting in the formation of carious cavity, which may cause the individual sensitivity, pain or even soft tissue swelling in the presence of severe infection and root canal.
Performed procedures:
▪    Dental caries treatment
▪    Dental filling
▪    Root canal treatment
▪    the bad quality fillings changing
▪    Aesthetic dental fillings
▪    and cracked tooth replacement
Seals to extend the service life:
▪    Over time, due to chewing forces fillings wear, cracks appear. Even the smallest micro-environment is a great accumulation of bacteria that can cause even the so-called secondary caries. To avoid this, it is important to regularly visit the oral hygienist or dentist. During the visit to the dentist evaluates old fillings, these polishes. This extends the service life of the filling.
▪    Also very important is the quality of the filling, the filler particle size. Filling material containing nano-particles containing longer remains aesthetically pleasing, better polishes, thus reducing the risk of developing secondary caries.
Our clinic used by the manufacturer MICERIUM most innovative Enamel filligs.
▪    Good and correct individual oral hygiene also affect the longevity of the filling. Properly selected teeth cleaning brushes and paste, and regular cleaning is the most important aspects in order to have a healthy and glowing smile.
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Seq. No. Service Price (€)
1 Individual dental hygiene instruction FREE
2 Filling 51 / 89 / 120 Eur
3 Root canal cleaning 35 - 59 Eur
4 Root canal formation (1 canal) 60 Eur
5 Root canal treatment (1 canal) 50 Eur
6 Replacing of calcium hydroxide (1-3 canals) 24 / 21 / 37 Eur
7 Removing of an old material from canal + forming 85 Eur

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