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Viso žandikaulio protezas ant 4 arba daugiau implantų

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Viso žandikaulio protezas ant 4 arba daugiau implantų

Modern dentistry has evolved greatly over the last few decades and we are pleased to offer our patients advanced solutions without losing all their teeth.

What is Full Oral Rehabilitation?

Full mouth restoration is the use of cutting-edge dental capabilities to create a new healthy and functional smile. If you have lost teeth due to dental cavities, periodontal disease, multiple tooth injuries and are unhappy with your smile, then this method of dental restoration is the preferred one. We carefully plan all stages of treatment. Then we regain the correct bite so you can enjoy your favorite dishes again and be proud of your smile. Our results are long lasting as are the changes in your life.

What is Viso žandikaulio protezas ant 4 arba daugiau implantų?

Viso žandikaulio protezas ant 4 arba daugiau implantų is one of the best ways to restore your chewing function and smile if you have no teeth or your existing teeth are already untreated. This includes placing 4-6 dental implants in specific areas of the jaw to support a fixed bridge. Then you can eat boldly without having to remove the denture as you do with plaques.

Who is eligible for full oral rehabilitation?

  •     For people who have lost all or most of their teeth.

  •     For people wearing a removable dental plaque.

  •     For people who are unhappy with their smile.

  •     For people who have lost all of their teeth or have periodontal disease due to periodontal disease.

Why would you use All Oral Rehabilitation?

  •     You will have a natural smile.

  •     You will be able to eat the foods you want.

  •      No need to remove dentures daily.

  •     Restore full mouth and dental function - chewing.

  •     Maybe the best long term solution for you.

How is the procedure performed?

    During the consultation and initial examination, the dentist-implantologist assesses the condition of the mouth, the amount of jaw bone and, if necessary, recommends performing the necessary blood tests. Also, the patient is provided with all necessary information about the course of treatment, implantation, etc.

    After performing a 3D CT scan of the jaws, the doctor plans the implant placement points and the dental laboratory produces a design for all the teeth.

All implants are screwed in at one visit, with local anesthesia of the jaw. It is a safe and painless surgical procedure. There is also no swelling after it.

After 24 hours a lab-made temporary full-jaw denture is fixed on screw-on implants.

Implants fully settle in the bone after 3-5 months. The production of permanent zirconium ceramic prostheses begins. First of all, a dental project is prepared, which allows the patient to see what the future teeth will look like, as well as to adjust the shape of future teeth according to the patient's wishes.

Only when the patient is satisfied with the personalized dental design do we start manufacturing a fixed zirconium ceramic denture on all implants.


Seq. No. Service Price (€)
1 Individual dental hygiene instruction FREE
2 Hard hybrid prostetics on implants 3198 Eur
3 Strong hybrid prosthesis with patient teeth personalization and four layer teeth + four components oral mucosa on 4427 Eur
4 Titanum + Zirconia + Emax Fusio crowns 5984 Eur
5 Temporary crowns for a full arch 1184 Eur

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