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Arrive to arrange a Healthy Smile From Another City or Country? The Dental Aesthetics team is ready to help you save  time and ensure complete comfort during your stay. For your convenience, the clinic building has a place for overnight accommodation - a modern, spacious apartment. You can also make use of the rental car and personal driver services on time.

Dental prosthetics, implantation   or other selected services can be split into 4 stages:   

  1. Registration:   Choose the time that is right for your first visit to the clinic "Dental Esthetics" and register with a dentist, implantologist, or another area oral health specialist. He will carefully evaluate the condition of the teeth and jaw and advise on further action. For your convenience, consultations can be organized in both Lithuanian and English, Russian. Important: X-rays of jaws may be needed during the first visit. Contact Us - We'll be happy to help you take a photo of your city or country. You can sign up in a convenient way for you: by filling out an inquiry form or email. by mail, telephone.
  2. Creating a treatment plan:     After the first visit, a precise treatment plan based on health status and expectations is proposed. Professionals will be happy to answer questions related to the specific course of treatment, stages, measures and expected outcomes.
  3. Performing preparatory and basic treatments:    Preliminary phase duration: about 3-5 days. This stage involves surgical procedures. Depending on the condition, it may be necessary to remove the unhealthy tooth, to strengthen the jaw structure, to cut the required amount of implants and to make and attach the temporary prosthesis.
  4. Achieving Final Treatment Goals:    Preliminary Phase Duration: From several days to 2 weeks. Depending on the goals set and the clinical situation, visits to this phase are organized a few months after the main treatment. Prosthetic procedures are performed during appointments with designated specialists. Dental prostheses are usually produced during this period. It may take a couple of visits to do all the work, so we recommend staying at that time.

Why entrust a smile to the clinic "Dental aesthetics"?      Excellent physical and psychological well-being is the main goal of our team. We are carefully and care constantly about all aspects that help to provide the highest standards of reliability and individual services that meet your needs. We also offer to evaluate the following benefits of the clinic "Dantu estetika" (“Dental aesthetics”): Highest standards maintained daily We strive for the best result without any compromise. ''Dantų estetika''(''Dental aesthetics'') is established and managed by experienced dental specialists, and your oral health is taken care of by a highly qualified team. According to studies, none of our patients returns to the clinic they visited before applying for "Dental Aesthetics". Focus on Exceptional Comfort Trust is a prerequisite for good results. Everybody, even the simplest procedure, takes care of experienced, attentive professionals who have a good sense of well-being. Discomfort lifting services are provided with effective local anaesthesia. If necessary, breaks are made, otherwise, it is possible to relax and take care of healthy teeth without any anxiety.

Reliable warranty:     The work done by our specialists is guaranteed by:    Aesthetic sealing, therapeutic treatment - 6 months;     For dental prosthesis - 3 years;     For dental implantation and implants themselves - 3 months. and lifetime *. * Dental implantation is first applied for 3 months. warranty. It is prolonged if the patient cares for regular, thorough oral hygiene. After the test, the procedure and the implant are covered by a lifetime guarantee. If the perfect oral hygiene is observed but the implant is not properly absorbed, it is replaced with a new one for free. In case of uncertainty about oral hygiene, dental care, we are ready to provide comprehensive advice and additional information.

The Laboratory, which is also located herein:    Specialized research and manufacture of implants and prostheses is carried out in the laboratory of the clinic, so you can save both time and expenses. This centre is home to a team of experienced professionals who take care of all the technical needs to make you  smile fearlessly. Continuous investment in the most advanced equipment, rapid application of global innovations, promptness, high demand for quality, and a wide range of services are what ensures impeccable results.

Flexible pricing:      From oral hygiene to restoring your smile, we make sure that every service is available. For this reason, during the first visit, you can discuss the course of the treatment, the timeframe, the duration, and the lengthy procedures to stay away from when it is convenient for you. Oral Hygiene or Prosthetic Dentistry is another option for settling in comfortable conditions. Matching needs and opportunities with "Dantu estetika" (“Dental Aesthetics”) is easy and fun.

An aesthetic, healthy smile is a great feeling of being, self-confidence and the ability to express the best emotions sincerely. We are pursuing this goal daily through science-based methods. Do not hesitate - take advantage of the exceptional benefits of Dental Aesthetics today!


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