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Before visiting a specialist, a person usually chooses a doctor according to recommendations that only describe his / her communication and other details. We think it is more important to know what the team has formed and what opportunities it can provide to prevent future problems. So, our team is formed by dentistry assessors. It is especially important that the laboratory and the clinic work together, so you get guarantees from one hand. "Dental esthetics" is a team of dentists, implantology, dental hygiene and technology specialists who have accumulated experience in Lithuania and abroad. It has a single purpose: to care not only for a beautiful but also a healthy smile. The knowledge accumulated during practice, constant improvement, uncompromising attention to your expectations - what helps to achieve perfect results every day.

 Aukštaičių str. 62A, LT-50284, Kaunas 

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 Dantų estetika


Welcome to visit us on Monday till Friday at 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.


Dantų estetikos klinika, UAB

Registration code: 304444009

Director: Sandra Čepulkauskienė

Address: Aukštaičių str. 62A, LT-50284, Kaunas

Mobile:  +370 600 25559

E-mail: info@dantuestetika.lt

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